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The Math Tutor is a Blended Learning Environment where Junior Cert and Leaving Cert Students will receive highly Interactive Maths content via Videos, Quizzes, Learning Games, Notes, Maths Tricks, ideal Past Paper answers and all Students can post questions on our 24 hours Learning Forums.

This is supplemented by Weekly Live Classes from an Experienced Maths Tutor that will walk you through topics such as Algebra, Differentiation, Complex Numbers, Trigonometry, Statistics, Geometry and other exam topics. Students will be able to get the foundations in a Maths Topic e.g. Algebra and also the correct techniques for answering Math Questions in Exams.

Meet the Team

Tutoring for the last 18 months Leaving Cert - points 613 Studying Electrical & Electronic Engineering at UCC Interests include acting&drama

    Luke Quigley Higher Level Math Tutor

    From of County Clare - Degree in Maths & French - Post Graduate Diplomas in Education, Maths and Computers - 10 Years Teaching Experience

      Sinéad Townsend Math and French Tutor

      All of our Live Lessons record the content that was covered so that Students can review the class at their own pace, imagine a class that you can re-run so that you will always pick up Maths Tricks and insights that you might have missed the first time.

      Our Platform will maximise your grade in your exams by filling in the gaps in a Students Knowledge, allowing them to practice Exam Questions, ask questions to our Maths Tutors and their fellow Students.

      Online Maths Lesson Timetables

      Leaving Cert OL Maths Timetable
      Leaving Cert HL Maths Timetable

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      Our Math Tutor Live Lessons

      Our Live Lessons are continuous, having one Lesson Weekly with your Experienced Tutor and access to our Quality Assured Online Math Courses!

      Upcoming Live Lessons are Leaving Cert Higher Level Math, there are 6 weeks of these lessons. The Topics covered in our Upcoming Live Lessons are:

      • Algebra 1
      • Algebra 2
      • Algebra 3
      • Sequences and Series
      • Complex Numbers
      • Probability

      Each Live Online Lesson subscription includes a access to our Learning Platform in Higher Level Leaving Certificate Math worth €79.99! Our Courses included cover:

      • Algebra
      • Complex Numbers
      • Differentiation
      • Geometry
      • Logarithms
      • Probability
      • Sequences and Series
      • Statistics
      • Trigonometry
      • Trigonometry Identities

      To Learn more about our Live Lesson Tool check out the following video!

      Our live online lesson tool allows our teachers to stream live lesson to students. In each lesson, our maths tutors run through the basic foundations of the topic and how these basics can be used in exam questions. Throughout the lesson students can ask questions via a chat or by audio.

      With our Maths Tutor, you get quality grinds for your Junior Cert or Leaving Cert, ensuring Algebra isn’t a problem! All of our courses are highly interactive including hotspots, quizzes, games, interactive videos, forums, lessons and more!

      Leaving Cert OL Maths Timetable
      Leaving Cert HL Maths Timetable

      Our Mission is to ensure that no student has to repeat the leaving cert due to failing Maths, so we re-invented study to make it engaging, interactive and fun. With our educational dashboard and grade book, you can track your progress and create learning plans to best suit your study! Best of all? You can Learn Anytime, Anywhere at Your Pace, on any device.