Leaving Cert Math

Math Statistics Ordinary – Open

Course Access: 300 days access
Course Overview
Statistics – Leaving Cert Ordinary level
In the lesson we will cover the following statistics topics:

  • Types of data (Categorical and numerical)
  • Populations and sampling
  • Measures of central tendency ( mean, mode and median)
  • Standard deviation
  • Distributions and shapes of histograms
  • Correlations
  • The normal distribution
  • The empirical rule
  • Inferential statistics
  • Margin of error
  • Confidence intervals

There is a slide presentation for students to view covering the above.
There are detailed interactive tutorial videos where students are guided through the correct solutions to past leaving cert ordinary level paper questions.
Students can test their understanding with our statistics quiz. The quiz questions are taken from leaving cert ordinary level past papers, which helps to familiarize students with the style of the questions that will be presented to them in the leaving cert.

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