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Student Grinds - Live Classes Delivered Online
Leaving Cert, Junior Cert and Third Level Course Lessons
Leaving Certificate, Junior Certificate and Third Level Course Lessons

Students - We help you get better results in your exams.
Tutors - We make it easy for you to deliver great online classes.

Student Grinds Ireland provides grinds to University, Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate students using online learning tools. We offer streamed live classes to students by tutors as well as great downloadable video content that will maximizing the marks in your exam.


How it Works

Student Grinds a Flipped Classroom Approach

  1. Tutor creates a course by filling in the “Join For Free” form above.
  2. We help create a lesson for you to deliver.
  3. Students purchase your lesson and views content.
  4. Tutor delivers live online lesson to students via their browser.
  5. Students can review recorded lesson and post questions to forum.

Student Grinds Video

Further Information

Student Grinds Ireland provides lessons to Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate students using online learning tools. We offer streamed live classes to students by tutors who have a great knowledge of the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert syllabus, marking scheme, exam papers and the most effective approach to maximizing the marks in your subject.

Because the live classes are online, students have the flexibility to watch the lesson anywhere that has good internet connection and also are able to download a video of the lesson and other content to review, at their convenience.

Educators are given the tools to allow them to deliver effective live online classes, record these classes and make them available to their students. These tools are easy to use and are available to them from their own section on our website once they log in.

Featured Courses

Our Student Grinds

We provide a wide range of courses ranging from Junior Cert to University

About Us

Our student grinds platform was built to help students navigate through the education system in Ireland. We recognize that the classroom is an essential part of your education, however, this system assumes that students learn at the same pace.

Online learning provides an extra dimension in education, it allows students to learn at their own pace and at their own time. At Educators deliver live lessons, student can ask questions via a chat, take interactive activities such as quizzes and enter a student forum after the lesson. Students will also have plenty of downloadable content help them understand the lesson and this can all be done at a pace that suits anytime anywhere.

The technology behind student grinds Ireland used to create this site has been used and tested over many years and we use our sister sites to deliver live content to students and we use our other site, as our Moodle Learning platform.

For Students :

– Get live video lessons from experienced educators
– Interact with educator and fellow students during a lesson
– Take quizzes during a lesson to reinforce understanding
– Enter social forum post lesson with fellow students to learn together.
– Have access to downloadable video content along with learning material that can be viewed at any time.
– Join an online classroom with like minded people.
– Watch video tutorials when you wish.

For Educators

– We are developing a platform to enable educators to:
– Sell their content online.
– Have access to students nationwide.
– Have your own private portal to upload your content.
– Ability to deliver live video sessions to virtual class rooms.
– Ability to interact with your student and get real time feedback
– Ability to share your screen and share content i.e. Powerpoint, etc.
– Easily create tutorial video clips.
– Have tools to help create your course.